2012 Public Expenditures

Monitoring Report


Our Story

NGOs in Turkey working in the fields of women, children, youth, disabled- and social-rights are increasing in number and becoming more and more effective by the day. We all witness how, in recent years, it is becoming a significant advocacy issue for rights-based NGOs to monitor the resources that the public authorities allocate to various social areas, to influence the public policy towards an increase of the amount of spending and to enable all dimensions of social expenditures to be discussed publicly.

NGOs are voicing several propositions in the area of social expenditures and opening up to discussion social expenditure’s scope, quality and effectiveness. Yet this discussion remains lacking unless this effort is evaluated along with the resources allocated by public expenditures. The demands about the scope, quality and effectiveness of service as voiced by the NGOs are often met with the response that limited resources comprises the biggest hurdle. Moreover, how much and for what public expenditures is being made remains information practically impossible to access for non-economists and non-finance people, causing rights-based NGOs who do not represent the business world to fall out of the loop and miss out on the discussions.

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Our Principles

Public Expenditures Monitoring Platform aims to monitor the process through which the Parliament decides on the distribution of the public expenditures, to ensure transparency during this process, and to advocate increasing the share and attaining efficiency of social protection expenditures.

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